Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie

Quality Hugs – 1

Subject C, boy human says as he nuzzles my head and cheek hugging me to his chest, “Chewie, you give quality hugs. Mommy needs to learn this from you.”

Subject B, girl human, “He doesn’t hug me all the time. Why don’t you love me cat?”


Subject C, “Now you know how it feels.”

I continue hugging C and he smiles while B has a hissy fit. I’m done hugging C so B grabs for me and I bite her. “You don’t love me,” she whines.

We have to keep them wanting us.


“We found these cute bows and ties on esty at : ” Dr. Chewie,  “I’m getting ready for Halloween. Look at my purple and black cat bow tie. Sure it clashes with my complexion but I have a thing for black cats.”


8 thoughts on “Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie

  1. Oh, how I love the Halloween shot ~ reminds me of my little sis when she was young. Her cat allowed her to dress her up in everything. Gotta love it.

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