Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls Provincial Park covers 210 acres and is the third tallest waterfall in British Colombia. It’s 36 miles from Vancouver along the Sea to Sky highway.


In 1889 William Shannon settled the property. He made bricks in the area. The falls are named after him.



The falls are 1099 feet in height.


I kept whining I wish we skipped the mine part of the tour so we could spend more time here and at Sea to Sky Gondola but there’s always next time. We ended up really enjoying the mine.



9 thoughts on “Shannon Falls

  1. So there’ll be pictures of the mine next? 😉 How was the hiking there? It’s beautiful, but it looks like there was a lot of climbing and jumping over logs in order to get around.

    1. Yes! Britannia Mine next. Just need Vic to proof read it for me since my grammer sucks.

      I caught a bad cold. Both of us did. We went to CT to visit a friend and they were sick. Yesterday we thought it was allergies then we kept feeling worse and worse. Last night we were like – oh no, we have the same symptoms!

      We only had 1/2 hour here on our tour. I think there’s more hiking, I’m not sure. It was a nice tour but we wished we had a longer amount of time to spend here and Sea to Sky.

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