Sea to Sky Gondola

Sea to Sky Gondola is located in Squamish, British Colombia, part of the Sea to Sky Corridor. Squamish has a rich history with Canada’s First Nations population. Today Squamish is often referred to as “The outdoor recreation capital of Canada.” The area offers ecotourism, adventure sports and sustainable development.


We booked this tour through Land Sea Tours (we don’t drive) and it also brought us to Shannon Falls and the Britannia Mine Museum. The bus ride along Sea to Sky was spectacular.

There are hiking trails, a suspension bridge, rock climbing and viewing platforms. This is the bridge that weirded me out, it was really high up (918 meters/3011.81 feet). I just stuck to the viewing platforms and bridge. Victor went off a bit to take some pics. As long as there’s a bridge with railings I’m good but I did feel this one a bit. One guy was so scared his girlfriend coaxed him across and he was walking pretty funny. It was so nice seeing him push through it, good for him, so proud of him and I don’t even know the guy. But I am just like him. There was a time I never would have done any of this. Never would have gone hiking to Mystic and Sombrio on Vancouver Island, and never would have hopped in the small boat to whale watch. I’ve spent the last 3 years really working on my fears by taking swim classes (fear of water) and going to the indoor rock climbing gym (fear of heights). I’m not over them and still can’t swim but my goal was to experience more and yay, getting there. By the way, we are the softest people going to the rock climbing gym.




The gondola is about a 10 minute ride with views of Shannon Falls and Howe Sound. You can either ride the gondola or hike/climb up. You have to be in really great shape for that hike. This is one hike I never want to do but it was cool seeing other people work their way around the area.


Look at all those people at the top! Victoria and Vancouver have some of the healthiest people we’ve ever seen. Everyone looks like they enjoy the outdoors. How can you not with all that beauty.



You can relax at Summit Lodge which has 9000 square feet to roam around and has amazing views to enjoy while eating and drinking.





13 thoughts on “Sea to Sky Gondola

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’m really wanting to visit BC now, and not just Vancouver. I hadn’t even thought about exploring the surrounding mountains and beaches until you started writing about them.

    My husband pushed me to be more outdoorsy and physically active. It used to make me mad, since I was more of a museum and library kind of person (“You want me to sleep on the ground, after hiking ten miles with 50 pounds on my back???”), but looking back, I’m glad he did it. Once I got over the initial fear and anxiety of trying a new sport, I really got into it. It also taught me a lot about facing a challenge, whether it’s physical or emotional. I still don’t enjoy mountain climbing or downhill skiing—I never quite got over a fear of heights or going down an icy slope REALLY FAST—but when I get the chance to do them, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing are a lot of fun. I think you’d enjoy those as well, since you don’t need to be in the high mountains to do them.

    1. Still not sure if I made it to the camping point. Maybe I can try one night. I really hate the idea of not having a hot shower. I shower a lot, I hate sweating.

      Point Lobos in Monterey Bay Area. We cabbed it to the state park and walked. Never wear birkenstocks! But I wasn’t prepared for the trails. We also walked from Monterey to Pacific Grove and it was extremely pretty. I remember thinking this isn’t so bad. I should try being a bit more outdoorsy. It’s not so bad. I’m learning what I want to and what I don’t care to do. Also my body hates me – shitty knees, weak wrists and ankles so I really am afraid to get hurt and fall. Once my body parts get hurt I nurse them for life. I get rewarded in experience but it never heals the same. I have fear induced vertigo for heights. Thats why the gym. Haven’t gone in a while. Will keep working on my issues. Having a guide makes a difference. We also are very new to this and we realized we like having a guide. One – we get a ride Two – Meet new people Three – It’s so relaxing having someone else take care of everything.

      Vancouver area is so beautiful. Something for everyone of all experience levels. Plenty of hiking and things to do for people who aren’t that rugged. You drive so you’d see way more than we did. They do have shuttles and public transport. It’s still better with a car.

      We use to go to museums a lot. We stopped years ago. Guess we are craving something else. I have been craving for the MET again. Haven’t been there in a long long time. Winter is perfect for museums.

      At first I wasn’t too excited with the idea of going to CA. We wanted to hit the islands. My cousin is going to fly to NY, hang w his friends for a bit then fly back w my Dad. I will visit and fly back home w him. We have always been curious about Yosemite in the snow. So we’ll go to SF, Yosemite and Santa Monica. So excited for Yosemite. I will try snow shoeing there 🙂 Tried snowboarding once – never again. Hated it and my knees felt ground down. Love snow tubing.

      I got up the photo store. Will have a Black Friday sale. Still working out some kinks. Smugmug stores the pics, sends the order to the lab. They handle everything. Love their tech support. We are using Bay Photo. They have really good reviews. They print photos, on canvases and metal. We are going to try the metal out for one of our underwater shots. Suppose to make the color luminescent.Let me know what you think of the site. Thanks for giving me extra encouragement for it. Do feel a bit silly for a store since there are so many others that take better photos.

      Need to post more on FB. Working on the store and reading other photo blogs have made me really want to learn to sue the camera. Had this old manual one years ago and when I got the feel of it, it broke. Haven’t been as into it since then. The store kept making me think ‘We have pro camera gear, such a waste I don’t use it’ Right now, every once in a while I snap a pic.

      1. These photos on smugmug are beautiful. Have you thought about having them printed up as greeting cards with blank/no message inside? Those sell really well on and at gift shops. While I was in San Diego I met this guy, a photographer who made postcards and greeting cards out of his pictures and sold them to local souvenir and card shops. He was an old punk rocker like me—we met at the club where my son and his band were playing, when I noticed he was carrying a pile of equipment and he noticed I was taking videos with my iPhone. His real passion is taking pictures of the bands playing in town, but he said sunsets and beach photos were his “bread and butter.”

        My younger daughter, who occasionally makes cards for her own use, says it’s really cheap and easy to run off a few dozen copies of an illustration on cardstock. If you want higher-quality printing, it costs a bit more: but people still enjoy using snail mail to send paper cards, and a card is a nice way to show off one’s art while making it accessible to people who can’t afford to buy a larger piece.

        You’re going to CA? If it’s at Christmastime, I’m usually in NYC—wrong direction, yah! But if it’s this Thanksgiving/fall, I’d love to meet up with you on my home turf. 🙂

      2. There’s a card feature on smugmug. I will look into that. Their cost would make the card pricey. Thanks for the ideas. Didn’t think of the card that way – an affordable option. Will check out an etsy store but that may be awhile. The photo prints are inexpensive $1.50-$13, the museum quality ones are a lot pricier.

        We’ll probably be there end of Feb/early March. Yes lets meet up! I will see you in NY too if you have free time. Let me know what you’d like to see.

      3. My younger daughter has a local print shop make up her cards for her because it’s cheaper than asking an online company to make them. She brings the chip or USB stick with the image stored on it to the shop, then specifies how big she wants the card, how she wants the image centered, the quality of the printing, etc. (She said she’s not picky about the printing since the cards are mostly for her own use, like Christmas or New Year’s cards.) I’m not sure if that’s an advantage for you, but maybe there’s a FedEx shop nearby that can do it for you for pennies per card?

        I’m not sure how long I’ll be in NYC this time around. There’s some changes in the wind out here, and I’m not sure where I’ll be around December. I’ll let you know when the time comes!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous views! Makes me regret we didn’t prioritise this visit during our stay in Canada – but there is so much beauty to see in western Canada so we had to prioritise:) But very happy to see you photos!

    1. We don’t drive so we tend to take a lot of tours. I’m sure you saw some stuff off the beaten path 🙂 It was nice and I was very happy staying on the platform. This was really high up for me.

    1. Thanks You! We’ve never been to Canada till this year. We loved it. In summer we went to Montreal, haven’t gotten to posting about that yet. There’s nothing on West Coast beauty – Canada and the USA 🙂 Such a pretty region of the world. We want to go back so bad. Also fell in love with Montreal – food is so good.

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