Three and a half years ago, we ventured to Baltimore with Victor’s cousin for an overnight trip. We wanted to check out the National Aquarium. It’s an easy bus, train, or car ride away. It’s a three hour and forty minute bus ride from NYC. We stayed close to Inner Harbor which is very convenient. There are hotels, tourist attractions and restaurants in walking distance.

Inner Harbor is really pretty at night. You can check out the historic ships in the harbor, click here for that information.

After checking in we went to lunch at one of the tourist traps, I don’t rememberer the name and the food was okay. We were really hungry and just went to the first place we saw. After lunch we went to The Maryland Science Center. We all had fun participating in the exhibits. Vic’s cousin broke the panda scale so I never got to see what kind of panda I would be by my weight. Vic is a baby panda and after his cousin got off, the scale froze so next time I’m stepping on it first. We didn’t take any pics in the museum.

I was very tempted to get in the harbor and ride one of the paddle boat dragons. They were really cute and I like paddle boats. It’s not always fun getting in a small boat with Vic. There’s a big difference in size between the two of us and the boats tend to tilt towards him. I am afraid of water so having a boat really tilt freaks me out.

We stayed at the Monaco, a Kimpton Hotel in Inner Harbor. When we visited it was also restaurant week. We really enjoyed our dinner at the hotel, they had amazing polenta. This is one of the nicest hotels we’ve stayed in and it’s located in the old B & O Railroad Headquarters building. It’s an 13 story Beaux Arts style, built from 1904-1906. We booked the aquarium package through the hotels website, the price included a one night stay and two aquarium tickets. We enjoyed the architecture, it’s a beautiful building.

The details are exquisite.

View from our room.

Our first night we walked from Inner harbor to Little Italy. If you walk farther you will run into fells Point.

Little Italy.

If you plan on staying longer, think about checking out Fell’s Point. Here’s a link to other Baltimore attractions. There’s a lot of history in the area.



14 thoughts on “Baltimore

    1. I really wanted to paddle but I get scared in little boats with Vic. I’m kind of in the air and his side in kinda of really in the water. Hate that feeling. Inner Harbor is really cute. A day or 2 nights max is good for Baltimore. Wish I knew more about Baltimore before we went. Now I’m curious but not enough to go back (other trips side track me). How are you two?

      1. We are good, planning the last bits of our wedding and preparing our future move…. to Shetland islands (in 2018). Lots has happened recently and we have been quite busy!

  1. This post didn’t show up in my email alerts or my reader! 😦 I was writing about meetups with people I know from WordPress, and it suddenly hit me that I hadn’t looked at your blog in awhile. Sorry sorry.

    I feel bad because I know nothing about Baltimore except from “The Wire” and John Waters’ movies set in his hometown. Neither shows Baltimore in a flattering light: it’s either a drug and crime-infested hellhole, or it’s filled with people who aren’t very bright and who have terrible tastes in clothing and hair. Your post shows a completely different side of the city!

    I’ve always liked the Kimpton hotel chain. They rehab old hotel buildings and keep the historic features while making the hotel charming and luxurious at the same time. I stayed at the Vintage Hotel in Portland, OR; it’s my favorite hotel in that city, not the least because they offer wine tastings at 5 p.m. in the lobby. 🙂 If I make it to Baltimore, I’ll definitely book a room at the Monaco.

    I also love old ships; I’ll have to buy a new camera if I’m going to take pictures of them at night. The iPhone camera is pretty good, but it’s terrible at zoom/long range photos. It certainly doesn’t match Vic’s photos! I’m always impressed by them.

    1. There are a few things I’d like to check out now. When we went we only had 1 night and we were with Vic’s cousin. His cousin isn’t that into history and stuff so I can bore him to death. I think because of all the museums and things to do by Inner Harbor its a nice family destination – the aquarium, science museum, think there was a Ripley’s too. Kimpton hotels are nice. We’ve only stayed at 2, one in Philly and here. I don’t really know much about Baltimore either. I read about while working on my car free travel ebook and was like, “I wish I read about it before.” I still need Vic to proof read the other 2/3rds.

      My allergies have been killing me I feel like I’m in a fog. I take antihistamines every night. This time of year kills me.

    2. WordPress has been weird with me too. I notice that blogs I follow, some say I’m not following them anymore and I haven’t changed anything. So I’ve been re-following them again.

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