San Francisco

San Francisco was founded on June 29, 1776 by Spanish colonists. It is named for the Italian saint St. Francis of Assisi. The city grew rapidly during the California Gold Rush Days of 1849. It’s a great but hilly walking city.

We enjoyed hanging out by Fisherman’s Wharf. I can’t remember the name of the donut stand or even if it’s there anymore but we would go down there to look at the sea lions and grab some donuts.

The water front area is the flattest place to walk around.

2011 was Vic’s first SF trip and my second. I went when I was little with my grandparents, we were visiting my Aunt H. and cousin who moved to California and family friends. SF is easy to get around for non drivers too. On, this trip I wanted Vic to meet my Aunt H. She’s not an Aunt by blood, she’s an old family friend. She grew up in Chicago with my grandma and they remained friends till the day grandma died in the late 1990s. My Dad’s side raised me and Vic never got to meet those grandparents. I wanted him to meet Aunt H. because even though she’s not blood, she really is family to me. Aunt H. passed away last year at 103 years old.

This was a pleasant trip. We got to see family we don’t get to see often since they are on the other side of the country. Vic’s Aunt and Uncle (native to SF) showed us around. We really enjoyed listening to their stories. My favorite was the conversation we had in the car. His Uncle took us to see the painted ladies and while driving us back to where we were staying he said, “You don’t want to come here around Gay Pride Day.” Then I was thinking, great here it comes, is he homophobic? Then he finished, “It’s because they are all naked here around then. Not like there’s anything wrong with being gay.” Right there, I love this Uncle.

SF is a wonderful place to visit, the views from the tops of the hills are really pretty. Nature is easily accessible and great for non drivers. It’s also the perfect destination to jet off to other destinations like the Monterey Peninsula and Yosemite.

We really enjoyed walking around at night.

On this trip, I finally saw fog! It was beautiful seeing the city blanketed in it.


13 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. I have been wanting to visit SF – hopefully someday. The sea lions sight is amazing! Thank you for sharing your travel there – it’s inspired me to visit SF sooner 🙂

    1. I think you drive so you will get to see more than us. Don’t stay in the Tenderloin area that’s their “sketchier” area. You can hike aorund Muir Woods, driving there is scary, there’s no railing on the mountain – this is the freakiest thing to me. I try not to look out the window on the bus that much. Muir Woods is really pretty and has some of the tallest trees. We’d like to see more museums. We’d like to check out the mosaic steps next time too. SF is a great city and outdoor trip.

  2. Thank you for the post, it brings back great memories of my only visit to SF so far, back in 2000. Would love to go again, but this is one Brit about to board a plane tomorrow bound for Chicago and New Orleans! So SF will just have to wait a little longer.

    1. Have fun. We haven’t been to to Chicago or New Orleans yet. I can’t wait to visit and see your posts about them. We want to go back to SF too but we keep getting sidetracked by other places.

  3. Great pictures. I haven’t been there in a very long time. I particularly love the schooner with the fog and the bridge.
    One tiny correction St. Francis of Assisi is Italian. He is a Roman Catholic saint also honored by Spain. Someday on your travels you can go to Assisi in Italy and see the beautiful basilica there.

    1. Thanks! Just changed it!

      We really have to go to Italy on day. We just finished watching Master of None on Netflix and Dev’s character goes to Italy to learn how to make pasta. I said – why haven’t we gone to Italy to eat yet.

      Was so happy to see fog. On my first rip I was disappointed I didn’t see any. We’re due for another CA trip – we have people to visit in SF, LA and San Diego. We keep getting sidetracked.

  4. If you ever come back, let me know! I’d love to take you around in my car if you need a chauffeur. I’m not fond of the classic tourist sites like Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, and the lines to the cable cars always make me a little crazy, especially if it’s cold and windy out. (We’re approaching the summer, so that weather should be right around the corner!) I can take you to the out of the way places that tourists don’t usually get to, like Lands’ End and Ocean Beach. You should also check out Berkeley and Oakland, if you have time.

    I LOVE Vic’s photos! His night shots really bring out the beauty of the city. It makes me want to get a better camera, but I worry about having to haul an expensive, heavy camera around town. The iPhone is okay, but the zoom is terrible and it’s hard to capture action shots without the images getting all blurred.

    1. The Pixel phone is really good at taking pictures. It’s Android, Vic has that one. Does pretty good in low light too. Vic has been talking about mirrorless cameras and there’s a Sony point and shot he loves. You don’t need a giant camera and all that gear. I happy I don’t carry it. I’ll ask him what smaller cameras there are that take good pics and find out their price points. We should do another SF trip. We get to crash with relatives so we save money on hotels. One trip we stayed at a hotel and it was surprisingly pricer than we thought. It’s weird we like to check out the tourist traps and avoid them back home. I have a list of things for next time. I am curious about either a night time or behind the scenes Alcatraz. We have to visit people in SF, LA and San Diego. We really would like to spend more time in Gold Gate Park too. I may prefer living here but there’s nothing like west coast beauty, even the Rockies are prettier.

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