Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie

Girl Human

Girl Human has been emotionally imbalanced since her mom had surgery. Subject’s B’s Dad has dementia and it’s been getting worse, he lives in an unhealthy situation that she’s been trying to fix for at least 10 years. Any little change could cause a stroke or heart attack so B has been in the dumps so she bought me new ties from itispawsible on Etsy because apparently, I need more.

It’s called retail therapy, she called it the simple joys in life.

Maybe, I should hug her, Subject B’s been whining that us cats need to love them more. Even Subject C complains about not getting hugs. You think by now they would learn, we cats like to make humans want it. Jebus ruined the cat expectations – he suffered from dog affliction, it’s basically a dog in cat’s body. Afflicted cats condition humans to be needy for attention by giving them tons of love, being easy going, and malleable. Any mentally healthy cat would have fucked them up if they dressed them like this.

Have you noticed, this outfit looks different. He had quite the punk past. Too bad you can’t see the wealth of material Jebus left behind. This work was never completed and it was from his CBGBus shoots.

“You know why I’m sad? You won’t hug me. Jebus was so fat, furry and fulfilling…” B says. She’s getting crazy. Jiminy and I are wondering how long we can withhold till her head combusts.

The new experiment is bathroom time.  Humans do embarrassing things when they vie for cat-tention. Cats can even get them to do tricks. They’ll even take my early morning cuddles when I like to jump on the side of the tub and nuzzle their noses. I’ve been making her give me time during her bathroom routine.

Humans, we control you or cat people are crazy.


7 thoughts on “Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie

  1. It’s so true! And cute! When I need a cuddle, my cat decides it’s a great time to sleep under the bed. (‘Well, it’s hot,’ she says. ‘Who wants to hug when it’s 100 outside? Silly human.’) But at least your cats will wear costumes and pose for the camera. Sunny won’t even put on a collar, let alone pose for the camera.

    1. Ha! No. Jebus passed away 2 years ago and I still have a ton of pics of him in clothes. He’s one of the reasons this blog started. Poor Chewie, it’s an addiction I can’t quit. I also have a big tupper box of pet costumes but he won’t wear those only ties and glasses.

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