Cold Spring, NY

Cold Spring is a town in Putnum County, NY . It’s a great getaway when you need a break from the humdrum of the city. The historic area is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and has many preserved buildings from the 19th century. Metro-North Railroad commuter service is about an hour and 10 minutes from Grand Central.

You can visit by day or overnight trip. We can’t bring ourselves into booking an overnight trip because we have bad northeast luck – it always rains on us or it’ll be cloudy and chilly. We have to fly away to have good weather. Even picnics, we can never plan them, only if we do it spur of the moment will we have good weather.

We have friends that live in Beacon and they love it up there. They enjoy the outdoors and hike all the time.

View from pier in Cold Spring.

Present day Cold Spring was once a part of Adolphus Philipse lands. Thomas Davenport was the first settler of Cold Spring. When he settled is unknown but it’s said to be around 1717 and 1732.  His house was located on present day Main Street, on the slope, and near the Methodist Church. Davenport was a tenant on Philipse’s estate, not much else is known about his lease.

We explored town after our walk at West Point Foundry. It’s a cute to place to explore. We ate lunch at Cold Spring Depot and shopped at Cold Spring Apothecary. My friend really liked the candles from the store, the lavender white tea (the relaxing) scent helped her with her stressful days.

Here’s an article about Cold Spring. A lot of people we know like to come up here for at least an overnight trip. Click here to read  the article in amNY. There are little shops, restaurants, and historic inns.

Kitty friend.


5 thoughts on “Cold Spring, NY

    1. I always wonder that too! We were at a friends house and the front of her building had beautiful vines. Seemed like birds lived in it too. I kept wondering – does it do anything to the structure?

  1. It looks peaceful and quiet, a perfect place to get away from the stress of urban life. Was the weather there cooler than in NYC? It feels like this has been a hotter than average summer; it’d be nice to find an area that’s cool enough to need a sweater. 🙂

  2. Wonderful post, every time I read one of your pieces and view the photographs I immediately check out the place and begin dreaming of traveling there 🙂 The “View from pier in Cold Spring” photo relaxes me, this is just the type of view and scene I like to sit down and enjoy for a while…makes me think of possibilities and where to go to next. Wish you safe travels!

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