Lower Avatar Grove

Lower Avatar Grove was our favorite of the two, it seemed greener and quieter. Avatar Grove can be visited all year long, we were here in early October. The trails can be steep but it consists mostly of boardwalk so it’s not that bad. Someone with bad knees won’t be so happy. I didn’t mention the roads in the Upper Avatar post. You will need a 4 wheel drive, the roads can be really bumpy and uneven. It would be best to get a vehicle with high clearance from the ground.

Checking out the root systems of fallen trees was really cool. They are very intricate. You can see how tired I am. I like to joke my body is as stubborn as my personality, they don’t change. I was on NY time our entire 10 night trip to the west coast. Well, that did give me ample time to stretch each morning before our hikes.

I’m so tiny compared to my tree friend.

 Avatar Grove can be visited in an hour or two, we took longer because once we set out with our cameras; we can get stuck in one place for an a few hours.

Lots of humans with their doggies on the trail. I keep in mind that if the dog can do it, so can I. Also, dog walkers, don’t leave a baggie of poop in the woods, just let the dog crap in the forest because it will be absorbed into nature. As tourism has increased, so has the number of hikers with dogs, some pick up the poop in a doggie bag and toss it in the woods. So basically, they are putting garbage out there, the baggies will disintegrate very slowly but not as fast if the dog just took a dump in the woods just like the wild animals and let nature take it’s course.

Toni and Vic were looking for mushrooms to photograph. Unfortunately it was unseasonably dry so not many mushrooms, banana slugs, etc.

By the end of the trip, I started to get more comfy in the woods. I started to wander off on my own when Vic and Toni stuck to an area taking pictures. I turned back when I couldn’t hear their voices anymore. I really wanted to walked farther but there are cougars, wolves, and bears in these parts so I figured stick with the group.

Walking amongst old growth trees is such a special experience. These trees aren’t as tall as the ones I saw in Muir Woods. Jeez, California Redwoods, you guys kind of ruined all trees! I love them all but have to remember BC trees aren’t CA redwoods. Tree friends, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings when I think you’re smaller in comparison but you’ll always be much, much taller than me and you really are huge and glorious.

This is a good example of a nurse log. A nurse log is a fallen tree which decays and becomes a part of the forest. They provide shade and support other plants.

1 day in Campbell River to go on a grizzly tour and 3 days hiking weren’t enough outdoor time but to our bodies, it was more than enough time.

Look at the center of the photograph, doesn’t the design of the branches make you think of coral?

So long Vancouver Island with fresh plentiful air and trees I could talk to all day. Yes, I even talk to the banana slugs. The person writing this blog talks to her cats all day at home and when I volunteer at the shelter (you get the picture). I think I reminded Toni a bit of Bob Ross because I refer to everything as tree friends, animals friends, fish friends, etc. I did grow up on him and loved his show but I really mean it when I say friends because we all share the earth and her magnificent glory.


18 thoughts on “Lower Avatar Grove

    1. We are thinking of going to Tofino next (maybe 2019 we’ll be back in PNW). That area of Vancouver Island is more boardwalk trails according to our guide. I was looking at pictures and houses to rent (I have excel spreedsheets of vacation ideas – I’m crazy) and realized I’m gonna miss the rugged trails we’ve been walking. Can’t wait to tell Toni that, she’ll love it. Can’t wait to walk the Pacific Rim area. Love BC.

      Have any travel plans this year? We were thinking Argentina but my Dad has been slowing down a lot. Argentina will be a long trip and I really wanted to see my friends but I’m gonna play it safe an go on a short trip to Sao Miguel, Azores. I have to let my friend know I’m delaying our trip. Sao Miguel is way cheaper and a much shorter flight.

      Been aching to get outside but another storm is coming. The weather isn’t quiet right yet. Plus, one of the trails we were about to walk had 2 rabid coyotes running around so we’ll venture to the Hudson Valley when that’s all cleared up.

      1. Well, you are so organized my friend! I don’t have spreadsheet at all, because my mind changes all the time. This year, I plan to go to Portugal, and the Faroe Islands. Stay warm and away from those coyotes, although you can probably beat them good!

      2. I have travel ADD. The excel sheets are to help me compare costs. I drive Vic crazy because I constantly look for deals. Argentina turned into us going to the Azores this summer. Didn’t want to leave NY too long either since my Dad’s health has been so-so. We never got around to hiking, we got hit with a couple storm since then. Now we are aiming for April to hike here. We have tog et in shape for Azores. I’m so excited, I’ve been wanting to go there for years and they just added direct flights from NYC.

  1. Re the dog owners who leave plastic bags of poop in the forest: maybe this is an example of cognitive dissonance? I mean, it’s good practice in the city to bag your dog’s #2, then presumably dispose of the bag and its contents in a nearby garbage can or take it home to dump in your own trash bin. It probably never occurred to those dog owners who left the bags along the trail to just let nature dispose of the poop. They could have just brought a little sand shovel, the kind that comes with a kid’s beach bucket, or a garden trowel and buried the poop if they were concerned about the appearance of it by the trail. (I’m not sure how quickly dog poop decomposes in the ground. I was told never to put dog or cat droppings in a compost pile because they contain possibly harmful bacteria, but for reasons unclear it was okay to put cattle manure or stable sweepings in.) Or they could have put it in their backpacks and carried it back to the nearest disposal site, but people are squeamish that way. 😦

    I love imagining you talking to the banana slugs and calling the trees “friends.” I don’t think I would talk to a slug—I’m squeamish when it comes to seeing them!—but I do think they listen to us.

    1. Good point, I should update it. I personally think carry the baggie out. I was thinking about parasites too. Our guide was saying that she feels if they are gonna be lazy about it then don’t put it in a baggie. She was upset because the trails have more garbage along them now that tourism has been picking up. There’s always going to be idiots. There are signs everywhere about carrying out what you carry in.

      I’m afraid of bugs. I’m ok with rats, mice, slugs but bugs. AH!!!!!!!! That’s why we keep going to BC, less bugs there than here. I talk to about everything in the woods. Have no idea why, it’s just something I do.

  2. Wow, there are some seriously awesome photographs here… WOW. I get so spoiled with the Olympic National Forest in the Washington State area that I never really consider exploring farther up north 🙂 Great write up, I truly enjoy your writing style and humor – and teaching about such great areas such as this. Wishing you both new and exciting travels 🙂

    1. We’re headed to Sao Miguel in the Azores next. So excited. I’ve been wanting to go for years and they just added direct flights from NY this year! Will miss the Pacific Northwest. We’ll be back in 2019 for Tofino. Our guide told us that the trails in Tofino will be manicured compared to the ones she’s showed us. After looking at some pics on line I realized I’m going to miss the rugged trails but my knees will like the break.

      Not sure if you saw the grizzly posts. This was our favorite. You are from the best part of the world. We’ve been wanting to go hiking but it’s too wet and gross here. We had weird Fall weather in February for a little while and it’s soggy, snowy winter again. https://jebusmewsandandrea.com/2017/12/29/bear-hug/

      1. If you have room in your suitcase…please let me know 🙂 What a great trip this will be, although the Pacific Northwest will definitely miss you. 2019, though, is not too far away and I hope by then I will be spending more time in the area and we can catch up 🙂

        I’m definitely going to have to check out your grizzly posts – I’ve yet to see one in the wild so your post will be feeding my soul! Wishing you sunshine and smiles as the weekend approaches. Cheers.

      2. It’s a little weird planning for the trip. We booked tours but some haven’t confirmed yet. Trying to not get crazy about itinerary and if the tour doesn’t work out, we’ll figure it out there. Think it’s not that touristy and the websites kind of stink too.

        Never heard of Azores until I watched The Perfect Storm years ago. The fisherman in the movie were headed there. Went home googled Azores, saw pics, and was hooked ever since. Have a great weekend!

      3. Can’t wait to go. We’d be happy sitting all day in one spot just staring at the pretty scenery if the tours don’t pull through. It more affordable than we expected. Our room in town is about $670 for 6 nights w taxes but we couldn’t prepay and the flights were around $550 per person. If you go some tour companies only accept cash.

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