The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Philadelphia

A long time ago Victor gave me a booklet about the Freemason lodge. It’s taken over a decade to finally get there. If you ever have extra time in Philly and are a history and architecture buff – check it out. Quite a few US Presidents have been masons: George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Gerald Ford to name a few. Continue reading


Congregation Mickve Israel – Savannah, GA

Congregation Mickve Israel is home to the 3rd oldest Jewish congregation in the USA. It’s a Gothic style synagogue and has a churchy kind of feel. Savannah was originally created as a buffer between the Spanish south and English north, meaning it was mainly created for defense. Olgethorpe, the founder didn’t plan on taking in more colonists but they needed a doctor. On July 11 1733, the William and Sarah ship carrying 40 or so Jewish passengers and Dr. Samuel Nunez landed. They were allowed to stay against the wishes of the London Trustees. Continue reading