In Loving Memory of Jebus Mak

Jebus, you’ll always be one of my favorite Maks. We were the best of friends and followed each other everywhere. We were each others shadow since Fingers and Kitten passed. May you rest in peace and I hope your cousins are not bopping you on the head like they did when you joined our household four and a half years ago.

It wasn’t suppose to happen like this. I honestly thought we had more time together. There were no signs you were sick. Your last exam was in August 2014 for a recheck to see how you were recovering from your bout of vertigo. Yes, my cat had vertigo – Geriatric Vestibular Disorder is more common in dogs than cats. I was pretty content with that condition. I didn’t expect cancer to take you out. You seemed so full of life.


It’s been a rough 4 days. On Sunday, March 26th, we brought him to our local vet, One Love in Bay Ridge. We noticed he was getting finicky with eating and he had hips. His hips haven’t shown for years. He was a perfectly round 16 pound cat back in August. Dr. Tsang felt a mass and did an x-ray. He didn’t show any pain during the exam. It was even worse news on Monday when the radiology report came in. Enlarged liver, spleen and mass, nodule in lung and it looked like the cancer may have spread. You were 13 pounds and full of life. I knew it was aggressive but I honestly thought I had a little bit more time. If  I knew you were going to die in a few days I wouldn’t have bothered trying to give you steroids and the appetite stimulant. Oddly enough you hated that more than me raping you of your dignity and putting you in outfits. I hope we didn’t stress you too much. We were just trying to keep you comfy.

You still pretty much wanted your love hugs and cuddles till Tuesday but yesterday I just had a bad feeling. I thought I’d loose you when I least expected it and I did.

I’ll miss our sing alongs and dance sessions (I only do this with my cats. I never dance or sing in front of anyone not even Victor). I’ll miss dress up and rubbing my face in your tummy. I’ll miss our imaginary dragon slaying sessions. Yeah, we had some adventures. I will miss the way your light pink nose turns red when you’re happy. I’ll miss hugging you when I feel shitty. Your fullness just made it all go away.

I’m so sorry how things went down. We woke up this morning to find you on your side, breaths labored. I was worried hopping in car and bringing you to emergency would make the breathing get worse and it did. We wanted to wait for One Love to open but it was in the wee hours of the morning when it all went down. All that stress but I didn’t want you to suffer. I knew you were struggling to breathe. But I really wanted to be there when you passed through the Rainbow Bridge into heaven. I was so scared you’d die while we waited as they prepped you. All that damn stress. I told you it would be okay and I’d be with you and I wasn’t. I’m so sorry for that. Just know that I really wanted to be next to you like I was with all the others. My kids don’t die alone and a part of me feels like you did because I wasn’t by your side. I should have asked if they could have prepped you with us there but I didn’t think to ask.

I’m sorry Jebus and I’ll miss you. I’ll never forget you like I never forgot all my kids. You’ll forever be in my heart like all my other furry kids and all my other furry friends. I’ll think about you all the time.

What a bummer, you and I had more adventures to go on. You know my imagination is endless and I’m glad I had you to share it with. You’ll forever be immortalized on our blog. But it won’t be fun without your voice. Baby cankles, you’ll always be my fuzzy fat Jesus (he was named after how Homer Simpson says Jesus). On the third try you found your final loving forever home. We are all that matters (forget the dead beats). You played more, spoke more and even purred louder with us. I turned you into a brand new cat. Thanks for loving us as much as we loved you.


I’m glad we found One Love Vet. They have really been the best even though we haven’t been clients that long. Glad for my boss, Dr. Jill Elliot who helped all my kids including you to the end with her holistic wisdom.

RIP Jebus

Winter 1998-1999-April 1, 2015

After some digging you turned out older than we thought. Wish we got you as baby.




20 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Jebus Mak

    1. Thank You. It’ll take a little getting use to. 1st time in 30 years I haven’t had a pet. Will take a little break. Will still need my animal fix so I’m thinking of volunteering for Ollie’s Place.

  1. Andrea, this is very well stated with love and memories for all of us. Jebus will be missed. I now have and candle lit for him and all the other kitties that touch our lives. May Jebus and all the other grandkitties play happily together.


  2. I’m so sorry. I know the suddenness makes the loss all the more jarring. Your love for Jebus is so clear – I’m certain he knew he was very loved. I’ll miss the cute pictures of Jebus in his silly outfits (a sure sign of a well-loved feline or canine companion). You are in our thoughts.

    1. Thanks. It’s taking some adjusting to get use to for me. Always had a cat for 30 years. I’m noticing a lot of habits I no longer have to worry about – how wide to keep the window open, I don’t have to be careful walking in the dark anymore, etc. It feels pretty strange but it all just happened too.

    1. Aw, thanks. It’s tough. It was very unexpected. I’m excited about bunnies! I saw you on Tummy Tuesday. I’m hooked on katzenworld’s Tummy Tuesday. Jebus left behind lots of drafts and outtakes so it won’t be the last you seen him 🙂 I find blogging a little soothing lately because he would sit with me as we worked on stuff.

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