Rodin in Paris

Rodin is one of my favorite sculptors. I was pretty excited to visit his villa but too bad it was being renovated. Since we didn’t have access to the building we viewed his work in the garden and some other temporary areas – that just didn’t quite have the effect I was looking for. Either way he’s the man. I wish more present day artists created classics instead of abstract.

tn_DSC_7772 tn_DSC_7825

It was unusually warm while we were in Paris (late February to early March of this year). We found signs of Spring emerging.

tn_DSC_7826 tn_DSC_7835 tn_DSC_7843


This was one of our favorite places. It would be nice to visit when everything is in full bloom.

There are no squirrels in Paris but we did find a bunny to my delight.


A part of me wishes I could bump into Rodin’s spirit so I can ask him about his creations. If I could observe him in his workshop that would be even better.







7 thoughts on “Rodin in Paris

    1. I really wish the villa was open. That was torture. So close but we couldn’t go near it. We enjoyed the Rodin museum in Philly more. We’re sure its because of the renovations. The bunny was a nice surprise. I can count how many rabbits, deer and probably most other wild animals I’ve seem on two hands. I don’t get out of the city much. It was hard going to Paris after Iceland. Iceland made us realize we crave for nature trips.

      1. It’s times like these when lock-picking skills come in handy 🙂 It also gives you another reason to visit there again ~ And I do need to go to Iceland, everyone I know who have visited there all plan on returning because of the beauty. Cheers!

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