Whale Watching

“It was a slow day,” our guide said as we departed our whale watching tour.


One tip: look for the spray to spot the whales.

It was cool because we did see some whales, seals and an otter but I guess I really wanted to see a whale breech. A pod of whales was seen the day before. It’s nature and it’s unpredictable so maybe next time we’ll be luckier. We didn’t see any resident orcas but we saw humpbacks.



We saw a good amount of tails.

We booked this tour with Prince of Whales. I was pretty nervous because we were going on small inflatable boat and had to wear a flotation suit (I’m afraid of water). I also had a fever and was pretty sick and took a ton of Tylenol and pseudoephedrine to get through this. I was very worried I’d get sea sick, I didn’t. The waters were pretty calm.

I don’t remember my seat mate, he was a really nice guy teaching in the UK. He was really great at spotting whales and was really funny too. We all agreed that observing with your eyes is a better experience than looking through a camera.



This was another first for me besides seeing whales, 5 years ago I would  have chosen the larger more stable boat. The goal of taking a swim class worked, just wanted to feel okay enough in a life vest or flotation suit and I did.


Another tour company but this is the type of boat we were on.


We walked alway thinking it was ok but it was a slow whale day after all.


Sea otters are rare sightings. They were hunted to near extinction but due to conservation their numbers have recovered. They are still listed as an endangered species.


18 thoughts on “Whale Watching

  1. I’ve always wanted to go on a whale tour, but I get seasick at the drop of a hat, and seeing a huge orca while sitting in a little boat would make it worse. 🙂 It may have been a slow day for whale spotting, but that’s more whale than I’ve seen from the shore here in CA. The otter is too cute for words….

    1. The otter was so cute. River otters look a bit different than the one in the pic. When were in Montreal we went to the biodome and they had river otters. I didn’t know what they were at first.

      Would medication help for sea sickness or pressure bracelets? Someone told be about a bracelet that’s suppose to hit a certain point and you won’t get sick.

      1. My younger daughter used to get carsick a lot, so we tried the acupressure bracelet on her. Did not work, sorry to say. And Dramamine just makes the both of us so drowsy we can’t stay awake for all the exciting stuff, lol. I can ride a boat for short periods, as long as the waters aren’t choppy and we aren’t stuck on it forever. I was on a boat tour of Lake Tahoe during the summer, and I got what felt like a permanent migraine from being in the sun for so long. I also felt very tired, which irritated me as I wanted to stay awake for all the things going on around us.

      2. Sometimes I get car and sea sick. It usually depends on my sinuses. If they they are dripping then it’s a guarantee I will get sick. I use to get really car sick but thankfully grew mostly out of it. If I’m in the car with someone who short stops a lot, I will get sick. I can’t read on a bus or in a car, then I will get sick for sure.

  2. Some lovely tails there! And I adore the otter. In Iceland we were lucky enough to have about 15 bards around the boat. But no lovely tails like these.

  3. What a thrill it must have been to see the whales breach ~ there is something very mythical about sea life, and as with you I love experiencing it. Fantastic photos to accompany the writing ~

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